What's New at AU?

AU’s swag store is now open!

Americans United is excited to announce the opening of our brand-new swag store!  Purchase all your AU-branded items at go.au.org/storeAU merch, all in one place.

Show off your church-state separation pride with custom AU sweatshirts, t-shirts, mugs, water bottles and more!

There are several products with our logo and tagline available now and we’ll be adding even more items and new designs in the future.  Is there anything that you’d like us to consider adding to the store?  We welcome your feedback!

Disclaimer: Every item you purchase and show off to the community helps get the word out about our work! Items are intentionally priced to only cover our costs (no profit) in order to keep items affordable to all our members. Thank you!

GREAT NEWS!  This has passed.  End of Life Option Act, Support Senate Bill 380 (SB 380)

We need your support to keep and improve the California End of Life Option Act. Help us by endorsing the bill as an individual or as an organization, forward to others to do the same, and/or send a message to your state representatives.  All links below (Copy/Paste as needed).  

The purpose of the law is to allow those with a terminal illness the choice to have a peaceful death at home with loved ones, to have their pain and discomfort managed, and to have their spiritual needs and values respected.

Senate Bill 380 Bill Summary (End of Life Option Act)


I support keeping and improving the End of Life Option Act (Individual Endorsement)


SB 380: Keeping and Improving the End of Life Option Act Organizational Endorsement Form (Organization Endorsement)


Take Action: Keep and Improve the End of Life Option Act (Legislator email)