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AU-OC Presents:
Join us for our annual potluck! 

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Saturday, November 18th at 4:30pm

In-person ONLY

Irvine Ranch Water District Community Room

15500 Sand Canyon Ave., Irvine, CA*

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Meetup: Americans United for Separation of Church & State - OC

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Join us for an engaging Appetizer & Dessert Potluck sponsored by Americans United for Separation of Church and State! Indulge in a delightful evening of sharing tasty treats and stimulating conversation at our upcoming gathering. In addition to savoring a variety of delicious appetizers and desserts, we're coming together to strategize and plan for the upcoming year, focusing on Church State Separation and the crucial fight against the rise of Christian Nationalism. Our mission is to safeguard the principles of freedom of religion and freedom from religion, ensuring that no specific belief system is imposed upon individuals or enshrined in governmental policies. This event is an opportunity to discuss, share perspectives, and collaborate in our ongoing efforts to protect the rights of all individuals, regardless of their faith or beliefs. Let's unite over great food, great company, and a shared commitment to upholding these fundamental aspects of our constitutional freedoms. Your participation is essential as we continue our journey in advocating for a society that respects everyone's religious and non-religious beliefs. We can't wait to see you there for an evening of both good food and thought-provoking discussions!

*If you are new to this location please use this map link or you will get lost.  Google maps does not help you find the front doors.  The IRWD Community Meeting Room addr is 15500 Sand Canyon Ave., Irvine. Here is the map link.

IRWD Community Meeting Room Map

*Irvine Ranch Water District makes its facilities available for use by residents and nonprofit organizations merely as a public service, but does not, by allowing this use, endorse or support the purpose of the event or its sponsor.

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