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Steven Baines

Protect Thy Neighbor

Saturday, September 19th at 1:45 pm

Community Room, Irvine Ranch Water District1
15500 Sand Canyon Ave. (at Waterworks), Irvine, CA 92618

Rev. Steven Baines is Director for Religious Outreach at Americans United for the Separation of Church and State where he is responsible for the organization's national engagement with and mobilization of people of faith. Before coming to Americans United, he served as Director of Interfaith Outreach at both the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and People For the American Way. He has also served as Executive Director for Equal Partners in Faith, a national interfaith organization committed to fighting racism, sexism and homophobia.

Steven will be discussing the new Protect Thy Neighbor program from Americans United. The new program is all about our basic set of beliefs:

We stand for equality, fairness, and religious freedom. Everyone should be free to believe or not believe, but people’s religious beliefs should not be used to harm their neighbors

Unwilling to accept the advances in LGBT rights, women’s equality, and reproductive health, religious extremists are asking state legislatures, Congress, and the courts for a trump card to undermine this progress. They want to use their religious beliefs as an excuse to deny healthcare, refuse to provide services, and disobey laws protecting Americans from discrimination and abuse.

As advocates for religious freedom, we are standing up to those who would harm others in the name of religion. We are fighting to protect our neighbors.

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1 Irvine Ranch Water District neither supports nor endorses the cause nor activities of organizations which use the District’s meeting rooms that are made available as a public service.

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