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Science, Politics, and Religion: Do They Care about Climate Risk?

Jere Lipps

Saturday, November 8th at 1:30 pm

Irvine Ranch Water District1 Community Room
15500 Sand Canyon Avenue, Irvine, CA 92618

Jere H. Lipps is a geologist, paleontologist and marine biologist who has studied the evolution and paleo-biology of marine organisms for decades. He is especially concerned with how projected future changes in climate and sea level will affect marine organisms and humans. His research has taken him to all continents and 150 countries in search of evidence bearing on these problems.

Lipps was a professor of geology and biology at the University of California, Davis and Berkeley, for 45 years. In 2011, he was a Visiting Professor at the University of Georgia where he taught a course on “Climate Change”.

He is married to Susannah Lipps and has two sons and three grandchildren. For all of them, he discusses climate change at every opportunity, for it will impact their lives significantly.

As the title of his talk indicates, he will address the politics of climate change, which is yet another place where some would like public policy to be based on religious beliefs rather than science.

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